Confusion is looking to upgrade their graphic profile and brand guide.


ConFusion is a Gothenburg-based youth association dedicated to gaming- and east Asian pop culture. Our main event each year, for most of the last decade, has been an annual convention for up to 1000 guests. Geeks and cosplayers gather to meet new and old friends, express themselves in various ways and to have a good time. ConFusion’s vision has always been quality over quantity, and has a long history and good reputation with most of the Swedish convention scene.

In 2022, the convention was held for the first time in four years. With its revival, and the association back to being an actor in the Swedish convention scene again, ConFusion are looking to adapt with the times. One of these ways is to create a stronger presence on social media and continue to grow our brand. At the same time, we are keen on staying true and close to our origins for recognition.


ConFusion is looking to get a visual upgrade to their brand to be more in line with today’s design standards: a fresh design of our logomark, adjusted and versatile colours, templates to be used for a variety of social media, and a selection of typefaces that match the overall design. All of this should be compiled into a brand guide, accessible and available to anyone who might need to use it for creating graphics for or related to ConFusion. 

Core assets

  • Logomark
  • Brand colours
  • Social media templates and assets
  • Selected typefaces
  • Brand guide

In addition to this, we are also looking for designs of printed products: clothes for board members, rollups, and merchandise to be sold at events.

Merchandise assets

  • Board member hoodie + t-shirt design
  • Rollup design
  • Merchandise designs and concepts 

For 2023, there is also a desire from the event organiser to create a graphic profile for the upcoming convention: a special logomark, social media templates and staff clothes are of focus here. More details may be discussed with the event organiser.

Event assets

  • Event logomark
  • Illustrations and graphic assets
  • Social media templates and assets
  • Event brand guide

Keywords and core values

As mentioned above, East asian- and gaming popular culture is essential to ConFusion, our activities and members. Inclusivity is as fundamentally important to us as it is to the rest of the Swedish convention scene; everyone should feel accepted and welcome to and by ConFusion regardless of background, identity and interests.

Commission fee and budget

We accept all offers made for this assignment and will consider each option internally. Our priority is finding a designer that we feel is a good match within a reasonable price range.

Time and deadline

There is currently no set deadline for a brand upgrade to ConFusion, although we would wish to see this completed in spring of 2023. The upcoming convention is set to be announced in the coming months, with an exact date yet to be decided.

To include in Your Offer

Interested? Send us your offer and tell us a bit about yourself and include the following details:

  • Portfolio with relevant samples and/or website
  • Total cost – and costs for each above listed asset
  • Estimated delivery for core+merchandise assets
  • Estimated delivery for event assets

Contact information

If you wish to send an offer regarding this brief, please contact:

ConFusion Ideell Förening

For questions regarding this brief, please contact:

Gustav Haglund
Discord: Haggis#0001

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